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Casavyc was founded in 2004 right in the middle of the hills on the slopes of Mount Amiata, soils of ancient volcanic origin that maintain their mineral richness and diversity.

Ideal for planting vineyards, to produce wines rich in minerals, but also fresh and elegant thanks to the greater part of the average (500 m asl).

Vines of the territory (Sangiovese, Alicante) and some experimentation with international varieties not discounted (Pinot Noir, Sauvignon blanc).

The cultivation of the vines is based on natural and traditional methods, mechanical weeding, organic fertilization, manual pruning and harvesting.


The vinification takes place respecting the product of the vineyard.

The methods used are traditional and natural, without the use of synthetic products and processes that intervene on the structure of the wine.

The wines are fermented at controlled temperature with indigenous yeasts.

All red wines mature in oak barrels of different sizes and compositions so as to dedicate the most suitable container to each wine

The maturation and aging periods are longer than average: each wine is tasted cyclically and only when it is judged ready is sent for sale.


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