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Producers' cooperative in the Garfagnana area (Tuscany). Among the various proposals, merit special mention the production of IGP spelled, the "Neccio" flour (obtained from a particular drying of chestnuts) and the recovery and cultivation of buckwheat.

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Garfagnana Coop has been collecting Garfagnana producers since 1996. Garfagnana is a very varied area of ​​Tuscany, rich in woods, fields and hills.

The Cooperative producers do not use chemicals or treatments. The cultivation and production are carried out with biological methods controlled and certified by AIAB (Italian Association of Organic Agriculture). The product lines are varied and reflect the variety of the Garfagnana territory.

The jams are made only with fresh fruit coming from the plants of the associates or harvested in the woods in the spontaneous state. Then cane sugar is added. Finally, steaming, without added additives, guarantees the genuineness of the product.

From the grain, the cereals and the legumes, are obtained high quality stone-ground flour; Italian pasta, bronze wire-drawing after a slow drying; dried vegetables that preserve their flavor intact; handmade biscuits and cakes.

The products that distinguish this territory most are the spelt "Farro della Garfagnana IGP", the buckwheat and the ancient "Neccio" flour, obtained from chestnuts dried in small stone buildings arranged in the chestnut woods.

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Tuscan boar sauce Sauce made with boar meat. Great with maccheroni and tagliatelle . Pack: 180 g Best before: 31/03/2023

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