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Pallini distillery

Pallini is one of the oldest distilleries in Rome, founded in 1875 in the province of Rieti and then transferred to Rome in the 1920s.

Pallini Distillery

The Pallini distillery was founded in 1875, in the province of Rieti, by Nicola Pallini. Pallini is a cloth merchant with the passion of recovering the recipes of ancient liqueurs: he begins to produce the distillates of the "Antica Casa Pallini".

In 1922 Virgilio, one of the founder's sons, moved the business to Rome. In the following years the Pallini brand will assume more and more prestige and diffusion throughout Italy, distinguishing itself above all for the products based on anise.

We have chosen Sambuca 313 for this company, celebrating the 135th anniversary of the brand's activity: aniseed liqueur enriched with the pure distillates of Anice Badiana, Cardamomo and Cinnamon, and packaged in a precious silk-screened bottle.

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Sambuca: Italian aniseed liquor Sweet aniseed liqueur, this sambuca is packed in a beautiful silkscreen bottle. Attention: wines and spirits may be subject to customs duties in your country.

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