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In this category you can find products that have been recognized by Slow Food as "presidia".

Slow Food's philosophy is the same thing that drives us to seek our suppliers, with a focus on production methods, space and respect for the environment.

Slow Food 

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Dried figs Dried figs of Carmignano, Dottato variety,  Slow Food Presidium, in a 150 g pack. Product with limited availability. If it is not available for purchase, leave your email and we will notify you.

7,60 €
Delivery time: 3-7 working days
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Mortadella di Prato IGP - Slow Food The Mortadella di Prato is a typical Tuscan cooked cold cuts, and is obtained from lean pork cuts, with the addition of fat cubes. Packaging: 500 g under vacuum, 3 kg whole. The weight can undergo oscillations for the handmade production and cutting. This product is shipped on Monday or Tuesday.

10,90 €
Delivery time: 6-15 working days
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