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Antica Casa Massagli

Massagli is the historical Italian producer of two liqueurs typical of Lucca city (Tuscany), still produced according to the original recipes: The elixir of China and the Biadina of Lucca.

Massagli - Typical and traditional Lucca liqueurs

In 1855 Dr. Pasquale Massagli created, in his Pharmacy, a liqueur intended to make the history of the city of Lucca and later of the twentieth century Italian: the Elixir of China Massagli, then called China.

The Massagli company today produces, in addition to China, another liqueur typical of the Lucca tradition: Biadina.

Both productions are made according to the recipes of the late nineteenth century.

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Biadina: Lucca's liquor Traditional Italian liquor , Biadina Massagli is a bitter aromatic after dinner liquor, made with slow maceration herbs. This is a typical drink of the Lucca area in Tuscany. Bottle of 0.50 l.  Attention : the original Biadina is produced exclusively by Massagli.

25,90 €
Delivery time: 3-7 working days

Traditional Italian liquor: China China is a liqueur obtained from an infusion of officinal herbs and cortex of Chincona Officinalis . Great as digestive or aperitif. Bottle of 0.50 l. 

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