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Corsini coffee

The company was founded in 1950 in Arezzo, by Corsino Corsini, who created one of the most important coffee roasters from a small coffee making workshop. Currently the company is a spokesperson for Made in Italy in the world, present with its products in over 60 countries.

The company

Caffè Corsini is particularly attentive to the protection of production areas, to the protection of the environment and of the local population that works in coffee, and takes care of direct commercial relations with small producers in the southern hemisphere.

It also pursues a commitment to environmental sustainability and renewable energy, and has recently replaced the old roof covering with photovoltaic modules.

Coffee beans come from different parts of the world, selected through travel in search of pure blends. The main areas of origin are Colombia, Brazil, Jamaica, Kenya, India, El Salvador, and two Slow Food presidents for Ethiopia (Harenna) and Guatemala (Guatemala Huehuetenango).

A fundamental task is carried out by the Quality Control Laboratory which monitors every part of the production cycle, with a team of expert selectors and tasters.


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