Buckwheat Cookies with Chocolate

Cantucci Cioccolato Garf.

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Buckwheat cookies with chocolate

Cookies made with buckwheat and chocolate in 250 g pack.

They are accompanied with liqueurs, especially Vin Santo.

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Italian biscotti made with Buckwheat and Chocolate

These typical Tuscan sweet are produced by Garfagnana Coop using a 30% buckwheat.

Buckwheat is not a real grain; it belongs to the Poligonacee family and not to the Graminaceae. It is therefore not part of the group of real cereals, but is often approached by them for the very similar composition of grain rich in starch, but also containing proteins and small amounts of fat, and well-equipped with fiber.

Hese dried biscuits are an excellent dessert to accompany with liquor, especially with Tuscan Vin Santo.

Nutritional facts for 100 g of product

Energy 1409 KJ/ 336,9 kcal

Fats 11,86 g

Saturated fatty acids 3,58 g

Carbohydrates 53,66 g

Sugars 23,01 g

Proteins 7,48 g

Salt 0,26 g

BrandGarfagnana Coop
Place of productionGarfagnana - Lucca
IngredientsWheat flour "00", buckwheat flour 30%, drops of chocolate, margarine, sugar, eggs, milk, yeast, salt.
Package250 g
TypeWith chocolate
AllergenGluten, eggs and milk
PreservationAmbient temperature
Best before31/12/2020
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Italian liquor: "Vin Santo" Chianti DOC Vin Santo produced with withe wines Tuscan "Trebbiano"  and Chianti "Malvasia", matures between 4 and 7 years. Here is the gift box version, in its elegant wooden case. This liqueur wine, typical of Tuscany, accompanies desserts and in particular dry cookies.

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Traditional Italian liquor: China China is a liqueur obtained from an infusion of officinal herbs and cortex of Chincona Officinalis. Great as digestive or aperitif. Bottle of 0.50 l. 

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Vin Santo Carmignano Doc - Reserve From Capezzana Farm one of the best Vinsanto produced in Italy.

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