Pastry Dessert: the Leotti

Leotti La Toscana

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Cocoa and hazelnuts cookies

Biscuits produced with 30% cocoa and 25% of IGP Piedmont hazelnuts.

In 180g pack.

6,40 €

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Leotti: cocoa and hazelnuts bicuits

The Leotti are biscuits that are born as a tribute to the processing of cocoa.

Combined with Piedmont IGP hazelnuts, they are an invitation to enjoyment: one thing leads to another!

They combine very well with liqueurs, especially rum.

Nutritional facts for 100 g of product

Energy 2506 KJ/ 603 kcal

Fats 42,7 g

Saturated fatty acids 14,1 g

Carbohydrates 44,4 g

Sugars 39,9 g

Proteins 8,2 g

Salt 0,153 g

BrandMati Biscotti e Dolci
Place of productionLamporecchio - Pistoia
IngredientsWheat flour, 30% cocoa, 25% IGP Piedmont hazelnuts, eggs, butter, rum, icing sugar.
Package180 g
AllergenGluten, nuts, eggs, dairy products
PreservationAmbient temperature
Return policyYes - See section Returns and Refund

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