Acqua Cotta - Typical Tuscan Cuisine

Acqua Cotta - Typical Tuscan Cuisine


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Traditional Tuscan Foods - Acqua Cotta

The Acquacotta ("cooked water") is basically a vegetable soup.

It is a traditional Tuscan dish, particularly from the Maremma area. This dish was born as a typical meal of the butteri (shepherds on horseback, typical of the Maremma), prepared by themselves when they were out in the open countryside with the pastures. Like many typical dishes it was born as a poor kitchen, hence the name "cooked water".

The Acquacotta is a soup made with vegetables harvested at the time, and put together with the typical Tuscan bread without salt, a drizzle of EVO oil and salt. So, being made with freshly picked vegetables, the ingredients change depending on the season.

To make the soup more substantial they sometimes also put animal fat, such as pork rinds or bacon fat.

The version of Acquacotta that we offer here, from the farm Azienda Agricola Le Macchie Alte, is made with onion, tomato sauce, celery, carrots, beets, extra virgin olive oil, salt. All the ingredients are from organic farming. In preparation it is suggested to add a whole egg while it is warming up, so that it cooks in the soup.

What you drink: a beer, a light white or or rosé wine.

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