Little chocolate baskets

Little chocolate baskets


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Chocolate baskets

Our friend Antonella writes for a fanciful idea of ​​chocolate baskets: a quick dessert, but effective, with great scenic presentation but above all ... delicious!

"The base is in shortbread, everyone will have his own recipe, I make one that must not rest, with the oil of seeds instead of butter, but any recipe is fine.

On the base of the baskets, after baking, I spread a very thin veil of fig jam, then the melted chocolate (half fondant, half milk).

When the chocolate is still soft, I decorate it with walnut, almond and raisins.

These baskets are actually very easy, but super good. I make chocolate baskets also in other variants, with white chocolate and pistachio! You can indulge yourself according to your taste."

Antonella Russi

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