Coffee break - Moka

Coffee break - Moka


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In the home of every Italian you can not miss a moka, a great coffee tradition. 

Tradizionale moka per caffè

There are many websites full of recommendations on how to prepare an excellent coffee with moka.

The procedures are essentially always those.

I would like to underline instead how the quality of the product is at the base of an excellent coffee: without a good roasting you can not make a good coffee.

The coffees I have chosen are those of local roasters near me, between Florence and Pistoia.

New York coffee: born 80 years ago in Montecatini and now stable in Pistoia is an award-winning coffee. With a thick cream, this coffee has a taste that is reminiscent of nuts and cocoa. The taste is round and full, and is a perfect coffee for those who drink it bitter.

Manaresi coffee: historic café in Florence, is a slightly stronger coffee than New York but absolutely not bitter. For those who love a taste a little 'more powerful without sacrificing the delicacy. Perfect for those who drink coffee with sugar or milk.

Oriental Caffè: a roaster of Quarrata (PT), interesting for the care of the raw material and the attention to the environment. We chose the percentage line and specifically the Fragrante in which the arabica is present at 50%, and therefore it is a perfectly balanced coffee and the Vellutato, with the 20% arabica, a very delicate and soft coffee.

Dubbini coffee: it is actually from Padua, but we found it in an excellent bakery in the area. It is a coffee at the highest level, with an incredible attention to every process, from harvesting to drying, transport to processing and packaging. It's THE coffee, simply perfect.

Caffè Leonardo: it is a fresh ground coffee from Torrefazione Caffé Leonardo, active in the heart of Florence since 1963. The roasting is completely artisanal, and preserves the aromas and flavor of coffee. The mixtures are composed of Robusta and Arabica.


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