Montalcino "Moscadello" 2016

Montalcino "Moscadello" 2016


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Sparkling wine Montalcino "Moscadello"

We wanted to try this fabulous Moscadello, which meanwhile we can say part with an honest and interesting price. But first let's introduce it.

It is the oldest wine produced in Montalcino, and therefore we are in the presence of a product rich in tradition and that has certainly evolved together with Tuscan cuisine. We are talking about a sweet sparkling wine, with floral notes typical of Moscato grapes.

We read on the card of Il Poggione that this wine goes well with creams and dry pastries, and we decided to sacrifice for you and try the pairing.

We tried the Moscadello with a homemade cream, a cake with chocolate and pine nuts and biscuits cantuccini.

Meanwhile it is already a beauty to see it in the glass, has a delicate straw yellow color, with a fine and dense perlage. Very fragrant on the nose, it feels like a moscadello in all respects. But the real surprise comes to the tasting: it is fresh and sweet at the same time, it leaves a clean but satisfied mouth. Slightly less sweet than we would have expected, it was perfect.

We will vote for it as our favorite moscadello !!!


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