Wild Boar Ragu with Herbs

Wild Boar Ragu with Herbs


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Wild Boar Sauce

The wild boar sauce is a recipe of the Tuscan tradition. These areas are in fact rich in wild boar, so that often the municipalities must open the hunt because they are numerous, damage crops or even become dangerous for the population.

The boar requires a long preparation in the kitchen: it is a wild meat that must be treated with a special procedure. Unfortunately, with today's hectic life, time is the element that is absolutely missing. I do not have time either, so I told myself: why not try the wild boar sauce from Gusteria?

This sauce is made with a young boar meat, which is more prized and softer. With this meat a marinade is enough for one night only, so the taste is not absolutely pungent, indeed. This sauce has a soft, intense and fresh taste.

Thanks to its gentle flavor, it is a perfect sauce with various types of pasta, for example the classic pappardelle, but it is also perfect with "normal" pasta, such as penne and spaghetti. Or it is a very good sauce also spread on toast (perhaps of Tuscan bread without salt, roasted or toasted). Or again as a sauce for polenta (which we recommend using 8file formenton flour).

Pairings: Brunello di Montalcino, Nobile di Montepulciano, Carmignano, full-bodied amber beer.


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