Wild boar ragu - A traditional Tuscan food

Wild boar ragu - A traditional Tuscan food


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Typical Tuscan food: wild boar meat sauce

The wild boar is a mammal very present in Tuscany. It mainly frequents oak and woodlands, and is located near water sources. In Tuscany there is so much good that we have too many and often there are problems for the harvest and the processing of the fields.

Their massive presence has influenced Tuscan cuisine, in which it has become a typical meat.

The meat of the wild boar is in fact very appreciated, because it tastes halfway between that of pork and wild meat. It is a meat that lends itself very well to being prepared stewed, or for a wonderful sauce, the famous Tuscan wild boar sauce, typical above all in the area of ​​the Tuscan Maremma.

This sauce requires long preparation times, because the meat of the wild boar must be marinated and then cooked for a long time. Of course there are many ways to prepare it: those who make a more or less long marinating, those who mix wild boar with other meats such as pork, who re-cooked the marinade wine, in short, everyone does it to their liking. This is why we of Traditional Foods propose two boar ragùs from two different companies, each with its own preparation.

Garfagnana wild boar meat sauce: produced with 33% of wild boar meat, and a small portion of pork and liver meat. A minimal percentage of dark chocolate is added to dissolve the wild flavor of the meat.

Organic wild boar meat sauce: produced in the Tuscan Maremma by the Azienda Agricola Le Macchie Alte with 29% wild boar meat and 11% veal meat. The animals are hunted or bred directly on the farm and the ingredients come from their own organic farming crops.

How to eat it:

The classic way is simply on pasta, especially on tagliatelle or macaroni with egg. Or with polenta or mashed potatoes.

What do you drink?

A beautiful full-bodied red wine, suitable for game and sauces. Excellent pairing with ciliegiolo, also organic.

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