Semi-Aged Tuscan Pecorino Cheese in Lard

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Tuscan pecorino semi-aged 3 months

Pecorino cheese aged in pure virgin lard of Macchiaiola Maremmana, a breed recovered recently from extinction and bred by only two Tuscan companies in Italy.

Package: about 450 g or 1 Kg (handcut with a knife) vacuum pack. This product is shipped on Monday or Tuesday.

For the whole cheese form (about 4 kg) ask us for availability at

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Semi-aged pecorino cheese in Macchiaiola Maremmana® lard

Semi-matured Pecorino Macchiaiolo® is a very particular Tuscan cheese.

It has a pleasant taste, is fragrant and has notes of herbs and walnut.

It is refined with pure virgin lard of black pig Macchiaiola Maremmana for a minimum of 30 days up to a maximum of 60 days. The crust becomes brown and thin, while inside it remains soft and clear.

Read here the story of the black pig Suino Nero Macchiaiola Maremmana breed.

BrandIl Poggiolino Montemurlo
Place of productionMontemurlo - Prato
PackageAbout 450 g or about 1 Kg (handcut with a knife).
PreservationOnce opened, keep in refrigerator
Return policyNo (Art. art. 59 del D.Lgs 21/2014)

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