Poker: Tasting Coffee Leonardo

Poker caffè Leonardo

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Tasting coffee Leonardo gift box

Four packs of fresh ground coffee for Moka or Americano:

  • 125 gr. Chocolate coffee
  • 125 gr. 100% Arabica
  • 125 gr. Great Aroma
  • 125 gr. Classic

Ideal for those who want to taste four different blends or for those who want to make a gift.

Non-vacuum packaging, but manually micro-perforated.

Best Before: 31/10/2020

20,61 €


Before 22,90 €

Delivery time: 3-7 working days

Coffee Poker handmade Leonardo roasting

Handmade roasting coffee made by Torrefazione Caffé Leonardo, active in the heart of Florence since 1963. The roasting is completely artisanal, and preserves the aromas and coffee flavor.

Poker are 4 packs of fresh ground coffee with four different compositions:

  • Chocolate coffee: 70% arabica, 30% robusta, flavored with chocolate
  • Classic: 50% arabica, 30% robusta
  • Great Aroma: 70% arabica, 30% robusta
  • Arabica: 100% arabica

The coffees used are selected and come from Santos, Ethiopia, India, Cameroon and Guatemala. The product is not vacuum-packed: the envelope is manually micro-perforated to allow the coffee to "breathe".

Suitable for mocha and American coffee.

BrandTorrefazione Caffè Leonardo
Place of productionFlorence
Package4 X 125g
PreservationAmbient temperature
Best before31/10/2020
Return policyYes - See section Returns and Refund

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