General terms and conditions of purchase

General terms to purchase products online on Cibi Tradizionali website.

1. General information

The following General Terms of purchase regard the purchase of products on website, via Web. The website belongs to Cibi Tradizionali di Martina Vestrucci, headquarters in Prato,  Via della Pancola, 5, Italy.

 Every purchase is ruled by Italian laws:

  •      DLgs. 185/99
  •      DLgs. 206/05
  •      DLgs. 70/03 e
  •      DLgs. 196/03.
  •      GDPR 2016/679

2. Customer duties

Before placing the order the Customer must read and accept the Terms of Purchase.
Placing the order means that the Customer has read and accepted the terms of purchase.
After placing an order on-line, Customer must print and keep the present Terms of Purchase.
The Customer declares and assures to be of age and that the given data are correct and truthful.

3. Products info

Informations and details of the products are available on the Website. Product pictures is a representation of products, used to sell the products. Pictures cannot be relied uon as strict representation of features and qualities of products. Shapes and colors may not match the real products, because of the browser’s software and monitor’s filter. Customer must rely on written description.

4. Prices

Prices on include taxes and packages. Prices do not include shipping fees.
Shipping fees and gift packages fees will be highlighted in the order checkout.

5. Order features

As customers places an order on, Customers sends a purchase offer, accepting the price and the terms of purchase.
Cibi Tradizionali will send the Customer the order confirmation.
Cibi Tradizionali won’t accept orders if Customer won’t pay, via credit card or PayPal or bank wire or cash on delivery.

6. How to buy

Customer buys the products, with the features shown on website, at the prices shown, plus shipping fees, as shown on website.
Before order checkout, Customer will be shown the price of each item and the total amount of the expense.
As the order has been placed, Cibi Tradizionali will send the Customer an email with order confirmation, payment confirmation and the information about the purchased products. As shown in order checkout.
Following Italian
Decreto Legge 4 luglio 2006 n. 223 "manovra bis" Art. 37 commi 8 e 9, Legge 248 del 4 agosto 2006, 12 agosto 2006, Decreto Legge 78 del 31 maggio 2010, Legge 122 del 30 luglio 2010, Cibi Tradizionali has the full right to ask Fiscal codes and VAT numbers of Customers.

6.a Minimum purchase 

The minimum purchase is € 15,00.

7. Payment

By confirming an order, the customer accepts the present Terms and Conditions. Orders are effective on if and when paid.

If the customer has a discount, he/she must enter in the discount code in the space provided on the payment page.

Customer can choose the payment method:

Payment by credit card: in the event that the consumer intends to make the payment by credit card, he can use:

  • the Stripe procedure, integrated into the page summarizing the payment methods
  • or through Paypal, an extremely secure and reliable service, used for millions of transactions all over the world. Once you have completed the check out you will be directed to the PAYPAL payment gateway. You do not need to have a paypal account to make a transaction, a credit card is sufficient. For more information:

Cash on delivery: this payment is available only for deliveries in Italy

Bank wire: Customer can pay via bank wire to: 


IBAN: IT92M0347501605CC0011501937

Conto n°: 1501937

ABI: 03475

CAB: 01605


belonging to: Martina Vestrucci

If Customer pays with bank wire, products will be shipped to customer when the transaction is effective and completed. This can mean a delay in product shipping. 

If Customer pays with cash on delivery (available only for deliveries in Italy), there will be an additional cost of 4 euros. In case of cash on delivery, payment must be in cash directly to the carrier.

8. Shipping fees and delivery times

Shipping fees below are an example. There are exceptions. For the exact amount of the shipping fee check your shopping cart.

Shipping fees out of Italy:

Shipping fees for Europe and extra Europe will be calculated on weight. You can calculate your shipping fees by adding the items in the cart and checking out with your address. The system will tell the shipping fees.

For the shipment of vacuum-packed cold cuts, which must be delivered within 24/48 hours of shipment, the rapid service is used which piles up a higher cost.

9. Delivery times

The productsare dispatched within 24/48 hrs - 7 days working from the order, unless differently specified on the product. Delivery is estimated in 24/48 hrs in Italy. Special deliveries require 48/72 hrs. Super fast delivery within 24 hrs is available. To quest this kind of service contact us:

We ship everywhere, except zone with specific restrictions.

Delivery times given are in reference to the order date, and presented in working days (Saturdays, Sundays and bank / national holidays are not taken into account for calculation of delivery time). In case of force majeure, Martina Vestruccu - Cibi Tradizionali can not be held responsible for any delay in delivery.

All the articles are dispatched from Prato and Florence, Italy. Usually delivery times are between 1 and 10 working days, according to geographical zone.

Articles not available

If the ordered article is not available we will send an email, offering a similar article. If the suggestion does not meet your approval, we will immediately refund and cancel the order.


We are not to be held responsible of delivery delays, that are entirely to be lied upon the carrier. However we can assist you in the matter of tracking and delivery.

Articles are always shipped under the responsibility of the buyer. Cibi Tradizionali cannot be held responsible for damaged or lost parcels and articles.

If your parcel and articles go lost or are damaged please write us: We will do our best to solve the issue together with you.


We are not responsible for any delay in delivery, as it is to be hold entirely to the carrier. We are anyway ready to follow and help the Customer in the tracking process.

Products always are shipped at the Customer’s expenses and under Customer’s responsibility. We are not responsible for any damage done to products when shipped or during shipment and delivery.

If products are damaged contact us. We will solve the issue together.

Upon receiving the package, the Customer must check the following:

  •      Number of packages is the same as in the carrier document
  •      The packing is integer, not damaged, not flooded, not altered in any way, not even opened. All seals must be intact.

If any of the issues previously mentions should occur, Customer must tell to the carrier and accept the package upon reserve, writing it so near the space of sign. Within 2 days upon package delivery, Customer must send an email to that he as accepted the package with reserve. Must attach package pictures to the email.

10. Products warranty

Products on are under the law regarding general sales.

Products delivered respond to the features shown on the website. Cibi Tradizionali is responsible for product flaws present at the momento of the delivery.

11. Damages

In case of a damaged package, Customer must tell to the carrier at the moment of the delivery and to Cibi Tradizionali as soon as possible.

12. Returns

Customer may return the products within 10 days since delivery, as stated in Dlgs 185/99.
Customer can return the products only if intact. If the products is composed by more than one item, Customer must return all the parts of the products. Customer cannot return only part of the product.

According to Italian law 59 d.lgs 21/2014 cannot be returned:

  •      Personalized products
  •      Products soon to expire
  •      Sealed products that cannot be returned for hygiene issues or for health issues or because the products have been opened after delivery

Therefore Customer accepts that products that are soon to be expired are all food products (beverages included), that is products that are subject to alteration due to an inappropriate preservation. So, for hygienic reasons and to protect Customers healt, return can be applied only for products bought on the website that can be returned and resold with no harm for Customers health (for example accessories, kitchenware, kitchen clothes, and so on).

How to return products

Products can be returned within 10 days upon delivery, writing an email to addressed to Cibi Tradizionali di Martina Vestrucci .

The email can be send also to

Returns must be authorized by Cibi Tradizionali via email.

Customer must return the products within 10 days upon receiving the authorization email from Cibi Tradizionali.

Products must be returned in original package, complete of every accessory and items, as delivered to customer. Customer must also include a copy of the product order.

Cibi Tradizionali cannot accept return of modified, damaged or spoiled products. Products must be returned intact and in their original package.

As by Italian law Dlg 185/99 return shipping fees are on customer


If Customers has correctly followed the procedures of return, according to the previous paragraph “Returns”, Cibi Tradizionali will refund the money within 30 days upon receiving return request email from Customer.

Refund will be made on the same credit card or PayPal account the Customer has used for order payment.

Cibi Tradizionali has the right to reject every return not compliant to the rules stated in the previous paragraph “Returns”. Will also be rejected returns with shipping fees not paid by Customer, food product spoiled and/or damaged.

13. Express termination clause

According to Italian law art. 1456 of Civil Code, in case of partial or total lack of payment of the product price, Cibi Tradizionali has the right to call void this contract.

14. Complains

Complains must be sent to . Answer will be sent within 3 working days upon email reception.

15. Operating methods

Cibi Tradizionali declines responsibility in case of improper usage of the sold products.

Cibi Tradizionali cannot be held responsible of Customer damages, direct or indirect, caused by improper use of products, negligence, products use in inadequate environments due to excessive humidity, excessive heat or other atmospheric agents.

16. Personal data treatment

According to Italian law art.13 del DLgs 196/2003 and the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, Cibi Tradizionali informs that personal registry and fiscal data given by Customer or differently acquired by Cibi Tradizionali will be treated according to law. For more information see the page Privacy Policy.

17. Competent court and applicable laws

 This contract is ruled by Italian law.

Competent court for any legal suit pursued by Customers will be Tribunale di Firenze.

In case of legal victory of cibi Tradizionali in a legal suit, the customer will be obliged to refund all the expenses, included lawyers and legal proceedings expenses.

18. Postponement

For any clause not clearly expressed in this contract will be applied the Italian law in force.