Who we are

Cibi Tradizionali, Traditional Food, begins the adventure in 2016. The idea comes from Valentina and Martina, two Italian women, from Tuscany, in the Florence area.
We have the great luck to be born in a country so full of art and wonderful foods. Our region, Tuscany, is endowed with an enormous amount of antique traditional and excellent foods yet to be discovered by the world and by Italians themselves.

So, as we love to eat, live & love, we have decided to share our great experience with the rest of the world. So we wish to present in this website the food, the wine, the olive oil that are characteristic of our territory and produced with passion and genuinity.
We wish to spread the passion of Italian food in the world.

Moreover, since we also like cooking, we are collecting recipes that come from all over Italy.

Please tell us your suggestions or feelings, to info@cibitradizionali.com: Italy is so rich of traditional food that it is basically impossible to know it all!