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Lardo Tradizione Salumi

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Tuscan pork lard

The lard is obtained from the curing of the fat part of the pig placed under the skin.

Packaging: about 400 g under vacuum. The weight may undergo slight variations due to the manual cutting of the product.

Shipping: Monday or Tuesday.

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Cured lard

The lard is the fat part of the pig, placed under the skin of the neck, back and sides, which is treated with spices and aromas and left to rest in the salt for seasoning.

It can be used to flavor dishes or on slices of warm bread.


Nutritional facts for 100 g of product

Energy 3502 KJ/ 873 kcal

Fats 93 g

Saturated fatty acids 37,2 g

Carbohydrates 0,1 g

Sugars 0,1 g

Proteins 0,11 g

Salt 0,6 g

BrandTradizione Salumi
Place of productionQuarrata - Pistoia
IngredientsPork fat, salt, sugars: dextrose, sucrose, spices, natural flavors, antioxidant: E300, preservatives E250, E251.
PackageAbout 400 g.
PreservationBetween 0 and 4 ° C
Return policyYes - See section Returns and Refund

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