Cured Sausages Suino Nero Macchiaiola Maremmana®

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Sausage Macchiaiola Maremmana®

Cures sausage of Suino Nero Macchiaiola Maremmana, a breed recovered recently from extinction and bred by only two Tuscan companies in Italy.

Contains no preservatives, colorings, lactose, pepper.

Packaging: 2 sausages or 4 sausages.

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Italian products of excellence: Sausages of Suino Nero Macchiaiola Maremmana® 

The sausage of Suino Nero is an exclusive product, which is obtained from the meat, suitably chosen, of the Macchiaiola Maremmana, seasoned only with salt. Filled into natural casings with a classic chain-shaped binding.

It takes about 40 days to mature, a period that makes the product more like salami. We recommend serving it sliced and accompanied by fresh bread or diced in a mixed salad.

Read here the story of the black pig Suino Nero Macchiaiola Maremmana breed.

BrandIl Poggiolino Montemurlo
Place of productionMontemurlo - Prato
Ingredients100% natural. Without preservatives, without dyes, without lactose, without gluten, without pepper.
Package2 or 4 sausages
PreservationKeep in the fridge
Return policyNo (Art. art. 59 del D.Lgs 21/2014)

Red wine Il Poggiolino Montemurlo Red wine made with Sangiovese grape, with the addition of Canaiolo Nero, Malvasia and Colorino, typical of the area of Montemurlo, in Tuscany. The wine is very aromatic, but balanced. Bottle 0.75 l.

8,90 €