Tuscan Sbriciolona

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Sbriciolona is a variant of Finocchiona. This is made with selected lean meat combined with parts of pork cheek and bacon, flavored with natural flavors.

Packaging: product of about 3 KG whole and 15,5 Kg or 750 g vacuum-packed. The weight can undergo oscillations for the handmade realization of the product.

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The sbriciolona is a typically Tuscan salami that was born as a variant of the finocchiona. Compared to finocchiona, has a coarser mixture, is less seasoned and less compact - it tends to crumble, in Italian "sbriciolare" - and should be cut into thicker slices.

To prepare, chopped lean meat, parts of cheek and bacon are ground, then salt, pepper, garlic, natural flavors and red wine are added.

This mixture is stuffed into porck casings of natural origin and placed in a particular cell where it is fermented (stewed) at 23 ° -24 ° and drained well.

The temperature is then lowered by about 10 ° C in 6/7 days, with increasing humidity. Seasoning lasts about 1-2 months, no longer than the time necessary for it to dry, but remains soft.

The sbriciolona is one of the classic ingredients of the Tuscan appetizer, but it is also eaten accompanied by vegetables, broad beans or grilled polenta.


Nutritional facts for 100 g of product

Energy 1227 KJ/ 293 kcal

Fats 23,2 g

Saturated fatty acids 7,4 g

Carbohydrates 0,1 g

Sugars 0,1 g

Proteins 21 g

Salt 2,4 g

BrandTradizione Salumi
Place of productionQuarrata - Pistoia
IngredientsPork meat, pork fat, salt, sugars (dextrose, sucrose), spices, natural flavors, antioxidant: E300, preservatives: E252 E250.
PackageAbout 3 Kg, 1,5 Kg, 750 g
PreservationBetween 0 and 4 ° C
Return policyYes - See section Returns and Refund

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