Pumpkin and Ginger Compote

Zucca zenzero Puro Carmignano

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Pumpkin and Ginger Compote

Compote made with yellow pumpkin, sugar and ginger.

Package: 100 g

4,20 €

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Compote made with yellow pumpkin and ginger - Puro Carmignano

Compotes, compared to jams, are richer in fruit and have less sugar. The Puro Carmignano product line also does not use preservatives, colorings or added additives.

The pumpkin and ginger compote is made with yellow pumpkin, sugar, vinegar and 1% ginger. 

BrandAzienda Agricola Puro Carmignano
Place of productionCarmignano - Prato
IngredientsYellow pumpkin, sugar, vinegar, ginger 1%.
Package100 g
PreservationOnce opened, keep in refrigerator
Best before31/10/2021
Return policyYes - See section Returns and Refund

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