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Trinciante stretto forg. Giglio

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Forged Extra Line - Thin Chef Knife

Scarperia thin chef knife, Forged Extra line with smooth forged blade 22 cm in 4116 steel.

Available with black resin, suitable for the dishwasher.

Each knife is a unique handmade piece, and has its own wood grain.

72,90 €

Delivery time: 6-15 working days

Thin Chef Knife - Forged Extra Line

Scarperia chef knife with thin forged blade 22 cm Inox steel 4116, ultra-resistant.

Knife with a pointed and slender blade suitable for cutting vegetables, meat and salami.

Available with black resin handle.

The Forged Extra line is the highest expression of the modern quality knife. The forging is an ancient technique still used today: with the help of a forge the steel is gradually heated up to 950 ° C and the color changes from gray to deep red. At that point the craftsman forms the blade by working the steel. This process must be carried out quickly: if the steel cools, it will not be possible to heat it again.

Other finishing processes follow the forging as the tempering, sharpening and polishing. The uniqueness of the knife is completed by the gracefully curved shape of the handle made of precious materials and the ergonomic and modern handle.

BrandColtellerie Giglio
Place of productionScarperia - Firenze
TypeExtra forged line
Return policyYes - See section Returns and Refund

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