Gin Bathtub

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Gin Bathtub

Handmade liqueur produced by cold macerating medicinal plants and aromatic spices. Essences are not used.

Bottles 50 ml and 0.70 l.

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Gin Bathtub Opificio Nunquam

Very special handmade Gin, produced in small batches using the Cold Compounding method, that is, with cold maceration of medicinal plants and aromatic spices. Prevails the juniper made from biodynamic and biological cultivation.

Real maceration of botanicals and therefore this Gin is not produced with aromatic essences: the botanicals used give a variety of persuasive perfumes and make the citrus notes present clear to the palate.

BrandOpificio Nunquam - Alla Gusteria
Place of productionPrato
IngredientsOrganic alcohol, spring water, spices, citrus peel and medicinal plants from organic and biodynamic cultivation.
Package50 ml and 0,70 l.
Alcoholic content45%
PreservationAmbient temperature
Return policyYes - See section Returns and Refund