Stefano Buonamici's Italian Vermouth

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Italian Vermouth at its origin

Italian Vermouth, specifically white Vermouth of Prato, is handmade with Tuscan white wine, organic herbs and spices  as ancient tradition requires. It can be served cold as aperitif, or as after dinner digestif.

Bottle 50 ml and 0,70 l.

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A wonderful Italian Vermouth, made with Stefano Buonamici recipe

The original recipe of this liquor was written in 1737 by Stefano Buonamici, a nobleman of the city of Prato. He had the passion of writing down all the recipes of the liqueurs of the time.

Today this ancient recipe has been rediscovered by Opificio Nunquam. They have realized this unique exceptional liquor entirely with hand crafting proceedings. Tuscan white wine, spices and byodinamc herbs are the basis of this superlative drink.

Can be serve cold as aperitif or after meal with chocolate.

It goes wonderfully with dry pastries and Prato biscuits.

BrandOpificio Nunquam - Alla Gusteria
Place of productionPrato
IngredientsWhite wine, neutral alcohol, sugar, spices, aromatic herbs, citrus peel and medicinal plants.
Package50 ml and 0,70 l.
Alcoholic content15%
PreservationAmbient temperature
Return policyYes - See section Returns and Refund

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