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Barsanti Auser

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Amaro Barsanti 

Handmade liqueur prepared with a special blend of herbs and aromas.

Bottle of 50 cl.

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Amaro made with aromatic herbs

Auser is the ancient name of the Serchio river, from which the Liquorificio artigianale Auser  takes its name. The liqueur factory has been producing liqueurs for three generations. This Amaro Barsanti is the first liqueur created by Mentore Barsanti, following a complex recipe that contained more than 20 types of aromatic and digestive herbs. In 1924 he won the first prize at the exhibition of industrial development in Rome.

The bitter Barsanti is still produced with a special blend of aromatic and digestive herbs and aromas. The main ones are Gentian, China and Rhubarb. The herbs are pounded by hand in the stone mortar and put in cold infusion in alcohol for a long time.

The preparation is completely manual and the finished product is filtered with a linen filter and bottled in this elegant bottle.

The resulting amaro is a perfect digestif that retains all the properties of the herbs with which it was made.

You can drink pure, in vermouth, on the rocks, with seltz.

BrandLiquorificio Artigianale Auser
Place of productionAvane - Pisa
IngredientsWater, alcohol of agricultural origin, sugar, infusion of aromatic and digestive herbs, natural flavors, caramel E150b.
Package0,50 l
Alcoholic content34%
Return policyYes - See section Returns and Refund

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