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Americano GDS Nunquam

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Americano cocktail

Ready cocktail in bottle mixed with Red Beach Vermouth, Red Bitter, Distilled Sea Water. Excellent as an aperitif, drunk fresh.

125 ml bottle.

6,80 €

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Beach Games Line: Americano

Ready mixed cocktail made with Red Beach Vermouth, Red Bitter, Distilled Sea Water.

Method of use: Pour the cocktail into a low tumbler glass filled with ice and mix. Garnish with half an orange slice and a lemon zest.

BrandOpificio Nunquam - Alla Gusteria
Place of productionPrato
IngredientsAlcohol, wine, water, sugar, salt, spices, citrus fruits and medicinal plants. With distilled sea water.
Package125 ml
Alcoholic content19,5%
PreservationAmbient temperature
Return policyYes - See section Returns and Refund

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