Guts Veal

Budellina FraTtaglia

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Small guts veal with tomato sauce

Delicious guts veal cook with garlic, rosemary and tomato.

Pack: 440 g

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"Fifth quarter" in the kitchen: guts

In Italian cuisine the fifth quarter is the part once considered "poor" and less valuable than the quarters of the animals (the two front and the two rear). Offal and internal organs of a butchered animal were normally used in the kitchen, stewed, broth or fried.

From a nutritional point of view, the fifth quarter is a food rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals and today, due to the difficult availability, it has become a gourmet product and quality street food.

These veal guts are prepared with garlic, rosemary and tomato sauce which enhance the taste.

Use: pour the product in a pan and heat over low heat; if you use the microwave, heat until boiling.

BrandTripperia Fra'Ttaglia - Mamalù Group
Place of productionFigline e Incisa Valdarno - Florence
IngredientsGuts veal 80% (preservative: E250), tomato pulp, extra virgin olive oil, tomato paste, white wine (contains sulphites), salt, garlic, rosemary, black pepper, chilli powder. Precooked product.
Package440 g
PreservationOpen, keep refrigerated and consume within three days
Best before06-12-2021
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