Peposo: Beef Cheek and Pepper

Peposo FraTtaglia

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Typical Tuscan dish made with beef cheek cooked with a little tomato and a lot of pepper.

440 g package. Sterilized gastronomic product.

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Tuscan Peposo

The peposo is also known as "impepata of Impruneta" or "peposo alla fornacina". It seems to be a dish originally from Impruneta, a town in the province of Florence known for making terracotta products. Those who baked the bricks, the fornacini, placed at the entrance of the ovens of the terracotta pans with pieces of beef, a little tomato and a lot of pepper (in Italian "pepe") and let it cook slowly.

Here it is made in the same way, with the cooked beef cheek with a little tomato, without oil and with a lot of pepper.

Use: pour the product in a pan and heat over low heat; if you use the microwave, heat until boiling.

BrandTripperia Fra'Ttaglia - Mamalù Group
Place of productionFigline e Incisa Valdarno - Florence
IngredientsBovine cheek 80%, red wine (contains sulphites), tomato pulp, garlic, double tomato concentrate, salt, black pepper 0.2%, pepper in grains 0.1%. Sterilized gastronomic product.
Package440 g
PreservationOpen, keep refrigerated and consume within three days
Best before18/10/2020
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