Chicken Liver Tuscan Crostino

Crostini toscani FraTtaglia

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Tuscan crostini with chicken livers

Classic preparation of liver pâté with chicken livers, anchovies, capers and a little tomato.

Pack of 220 g.

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Spreadable chicken livers pâté

Classic appetizer of Tuscan cuisine, this dough is prepared with chicken livers, capers and anchovies.

Serve with roasted bread or on one day old bread, immersed in broth.

Use: heat over low heat

BrandTripperia Fra'Ttaglia - Mamalù Group
Place of productionFigline e Incisa Valdarno - Florence
IngredientsChicken liver, chicken hearts, onion, carrot, celery, EVOO oil, tomato pulp, capers in vinegar, anchovies, salt, pepper. Precooked gastronomic product.
Package220 g
AllergenCelery and sulphites
PreservationOpen, keep refrigerated and consume within three days
Best before05/11/2021
Return policyYes - See section Returns and Refund

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