Orentano Saffron 1g

Zafferano Casina Bosco 1g

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Saffron 1g

Orentano Saffron threads (Pisa - Tuscany), pure and packed in a small glass jar of 1g.

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Orentano Saffron

Pure saffron grown in integrated agriculture and in soils rich in organic compound.

Precious spice, the Orentano saffron (Pisa, Tuscany) is a product of high quality, intense color and pungent taste. The stigmas are collected by hand and dried.

It is packaged with whole stigmas in in a small glass jar of 1g.

Use: immerse the stigmas in a little warm water for about 30-45 minutes and cover with a saucer: they will melt giving the water intense color and aroma. The so obtained flavored water is ready to be used in various preparations. Unused water should be kept in the refrigerator and used within 48 hours.

Do not cook saffron: always use it at the end of cooking, in order not to alternate its organoleptic characteristics. Saffron has a very intense flavor: do not exceed the quantity (100 mg is enough for 4/5 people).

BrandAzienda Agricola La Casina nel Bosco
Place of productionOrentano - Pisa
IngredientsPure saffron
Package1 g
PreservationAmbient temperature
Return policyYes - See section Returns and Refund

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